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Happy New Year! Have an ODDtastic One!

So 2011 is drawing to a close! It’s been a Great year for the ODDcast Network and 2012 looks like it’s going to be Huge for the Network. Also Opening up to The community to get involved and see if we can all work together to make The ODDcast network Bigger than Katie Price’s little black book.

New Microphone! New Co-Host! More Guests! Same Old ODDness

So Hope Everybody has a Great New Year and Here are a Few Podcast’s to help you tomorrow when your Hungover!

ODDcast PODcast Episode 23 – Conrad Murray in the Hallway with the Candlestick!

The End of The Year Podcast that Reviews the Main stories of the Last year and also introduces Will as The NEW Official Co-Host of The ODDcast PODcast.

Ask an American Episode 11 – Have a Butchers? Ain’t got a Scooby!

This the End of The Year episode of Spin Off Global podcast Ask an American. In this Episode American’s finally grasp the concept of Cockney Rhyming slang, or do they?, What is Big Ben? and What Brit has Fucked an American.

ODDcast PODcast Episode 21 is Live!

Episode Twenty One – That’s Not Your House!

In this Episode Adam is joined by Fill in Co-Host Will whilst Billy is on Hiatus. The Two discuss Drinking far too much Red Wine to make sense, Hugh Laurie’s English Accent turning into an American accent sounding English, Hulk Hogan’s divorce proceedings, Will’s drunken rants, An American Teen comedy gets an anticipated trailer breakdown as does a Dark French thriller told backwards.

Click Here for Episode

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