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ODDpod Guest Co Host’s Coming Soon!

What a Brilliant ODDcast PODcast UK Chat with a Very Funny Lady from Oop North! If you wanna hear about Weddings in Chelmsford Shopping centres, The Fresh Prince of Bell end, Stopping a Music Gig for some Hot Pot and Her Dad being faster than Usain Bolt then YOU have to start listening to the ODDcast PODcast! This Episode will air around the 3rd/4th of February!

JORDYGAL guesting on Him&Me TV

You Can follow her on Twitter : @JordyGal

BUT before that I Have Episode 27 being Released Wednesday 26th featuring an in depth chat with American Journalist and Movie Geek Lauren Winston. We chat about all things from Being Megan Fox’s Manager, Jonah Hill, Fish and Chips and Misquoted Celebs. Its an Interesting and Entertaining Podcast!

Follow Lauren on Twitter : @LaurenWinston @Lauren_TV

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Ask an American Episode 11 is Live! – Last of 2011

Episode Eleven – Have a Butchers? We ain’t got a Scooby!

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!

This is the Final Ask an American Podcast of 2011. So its a New Year special!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– Breakfast Television

– Big Ben

– F**king an American

– Cockney Rhyming Slang

– The Zombie Apocalypse

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