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ODDcast PODcast Episode 62 – Residential Evil is OUT NOW!

Episode Sixty Two – Residential Evil




In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Movie – Centric Podcast Nobody is Listening to #NOTlistening, Adam (@BarkerPodcasts), Ash and Will (@BadgerProdder) sit down, finally after traffic jams, pizza and tiredness to discuss GBH the Movie, Adam messes up the Guess the Movie Year segment, Milla Jovovich or however you say her name get’s Starwatched and The Matrix get’s the Go Back and watch this treatment.



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The HOOLIGANcast : ODDcast PODcast Special with The Director and Stars of “Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan”

Episode Forty Eight – The HOOLIGANcast


In this VERY Special Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam sits down and chats with The Director and Stars of British Film “The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan”. The Film revolves around an unemployed Football Hooligan who get’s in way over his head. Adam chat’s with the Writer/Director Paul Tanter on the films process from page to screen, filming the Riot scenes and Future work from himself. Also Adam chats briefly with Friends of the Podcast and stars of the film Rebecca Ferdinando and Rita Ramnani. They discuss their roles in the film and their views on the subject matter.

The Film can be Pre Ordered at : Amazon UK (DVD Released in The UK 2nd July 2012) – If your out of the UK Get yourself a Multi Regional DVD player and order it!

Episode 48 – The HOOLIGANcast

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ODDCast PODcast Xtra : Rita Ramnani is Live!

ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rita Ramnani 


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Adam sits down and chats to Actress Rita Ramnani. They discuss her career so far, working with Danny Dyer, Tamar Hassan, Doug Bradley and Mark Hamill, The Jack Falls Trilogy, Scarlett Johansonn, The British film industry, Blockbusters and Eric Cantona!

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