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Panic Stations – Episode 5 is OUT NOW!

Episode FIVE – Everybody Loves a Ginger!





Welcome to PANIC STATIONS, your Local Music and Cultural Podcast about the goings on in The Local scene in Chelmsford and it’s surrounding’s area.

Hosted by Mr Chelmsford himself Andy Poole (@andyisntfunny) and Mr Podcast Adam Barker (@BarkerPodcasts), They sit down to discuss the exciting Music, Culture and Entertainment scene in The CM postcode.

In Between witty banter and interesting chat you can hear some of the best music from some the best independent and/or unsigned bands locally.


So After No Guest was arranged by Andy, The Two sit down and attempt to fill time with their unique take on the local Music scene and life in general. Also with Halloween on the Horizon, Adam has some fun with the effects button. Special mention goes out to Comedian Ellie Taylor ( @ElliejaneTaylor ) who has become Adam’s newest idol! 

Also Features music from:

– Osmium Guilliotine

– Ellie Francis

– Chase the Enemy

– Tall Dark Friend

– Jakob Diest

– The Kubricks

–  Platform Location

If you want to let us know upcoming events your involved with or songs you’d like to be played out drop us an email at or tweet us @PanicStationsUK


Panic Stations – Episode 5 – NO GUEST! So everybody loves gingers!


ODDcast is NOW Interactive!

So with 2012 just around the corner The ODDcast Network is Expanding in a more Interactive way. A New Part of The Network will be to start Promoting and sharing various people’s work. This can include anything from:

– Podcasts

– You Tube Channels (Movies, Vlog’s, Music Video’s)

– Blog’s

– Twitter Accounts

– Websites

and much much more.

This is a Chance to bring together a community that can benefit from seeing each others work. We all know how hard it is to get your work out there without becoming a serial spammer on Twitter and getting blocked by your closest friends on facebook. So This way spend us your Links and Info about yourself to


or send an e mail to:

Lets work together people and help create an audience for your work.

The ODDcast Takeover

ODDcast PODcast: ODD News

The ODDcast Takeover

Starting this Saturday ( 3rd December 2011 ) The ODDcast network will begin it’s weekly takeover assault on up and coming Internet radio station Rude Radio.
The ODDcast Takeover will be 6 hours of fun, madness, podcasts and oddness!
The Schedule is this:

The ODDcast goes global
To start off with you get treated to an Episode of global podcast Ask an American featuring popular podcasts from across the pond. Bui Podcasters battle it out with The Last Podcaster Standing to see who knows the most about British Pop Culture.
With hilarious outcomes to such questions as :
Who is Matt Cardle and Why is Dannii Minogue getting degrees?
Also throughout the 2 hours you’ll hear some great tunes and random chat with host Adam and maybe some guests.

ODDcast @ The Movies
A dedicated few hours discussing all things Film related. You’ll find out about the latest cinema releases, current top ten movies, retro movies, movie news and anything worth knowing from the trivial mind of Adam and maybe some guests.
Not to be missed is you love your Movies.

ODDcast PODcast Episode
For the last few hours you’ll get to hear the latest ODDcast PODcast episode with Adam and Billy ( and sometimes Will ). Enter the world of ODDness including Entertainment News, Trailer Breakdown and the infamous Kaaaant Kupboard.
Also you’ll get to hear some great music and extra chatter from Adam and guests.

This is a show not to be missed! So tune in Saturday from 12pm and become part of the ODDcast universe.



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