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ODDcast PODcast Ep.65 – The One After The Pub Episode! is OUT NOW!

Episode Sixty Five – The One After The Pub Episode!




In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Movie-centric Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening. Adam (@BarkerPodcasts), Ash and Will (@BadgerProdder) come back from recording inside of a Pub and continue to podcast with Brilliant/Disasterous results. Also joining in is Marcus from MOVIEcomm (@MHWebwizard) as the Four sit down and attempt to record a podcast with a bottle of Red wine EACH! They attempt to Guess a Movie year whilst Ash rambles on, Jason Statham is StarWatched, Ash slurs his words, @RitaRamani is back for more Rambling Reviews, Gwyneth Paltrow and We find out what is in the Box in Today’s Go Back and watch this…..Kind of




ODDcast PODcast – Episode65


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ODDcast PODcast Ep.64 – The #CRICKETERScast is OUT NOW!

Episode Sixty Four – The #CRICKETERScast



In This SPECIAL Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Movie-Centric Podcast Nobody is Listening to! #NOTlistening, Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ) , Ash and Will ( @BadgerProdder ) sit down to record the Show from the back of their Local Pub “The CRICKETERS” in Moulsham Street, Chelmsford. They Sit down and discuss Drinking, Late Nights in the Pub, Guessing the Movie Year, Marcus from @MOVIEcomm joins in, Kate Winslet is STARwatched, @RitaRamnani Kicks Off a Reall Random BRAND NEW Segment and Forrest Gump get’s Revisited.




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POD GOD dammit! Episode 11 – What Animal would you be? OUT NOW!

Episode ELEVEN –  If You were an Animal, What Animal would you be?




POD GOD dammit! The Podcast Mash Up featuring all the Podcasts on the POD GODS Network.

Each Episode, each POD GOD will discuss a certain Topic/Subject in their own unique fashion.


This Episode all the POD GODS discuss

“If You were an Animal, What Animal would you be?”



MOVIEcomm Ep.7 – Scream (1996) OUT NOW

Episode Seven – Scream (1996)


In this Seventh Episode of MOVIEcomm: Your Alternative Movie Commentary Podcast, Adam and Marcus welcome back Billy after his absence last episode. The Three sit down and watch the Ironic 90’s slasher film “Scream”

Throughout giving an Alternative Commentary they discuss the Trivia of the film, Knowledge of Horror films, The nods to the rules, Adam’s awful writing as a child and Billy getting extremely drunk throughout

Listen along as a simple Podcast packed with Movie banter, Trivia and entertaining discussion or you can Listen along as an Alternative Movie Commentary and watch the Movie as we watch it. Experience a New Type of Commentary with the MOVIEcomm Crew.

Let us know what you thought. What MOVIEcomm’s would you like to hear in the Future.
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ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet

ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Episode, Adam once again sits down to have a chat with British Actress Rebecca Ferdinando. The Discuss her newest film OUTSIDE BET, Awkward mother moments, Distribution in the movie business, Making it big in the US, Kate Winslet, Ron Howard and her future releases “White Collar Hooligan” and “Get Lucky”

ODDpod Xtra – Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet

This is a Follow up Chat from last year. You can go listen to the First Installment here :

Rebecca Ferdinando ODDpod Xtra Chat – September 2011

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Episode 38 of The ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Thirty Eight – The ODDcast Drinking Game!


In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam, Wi’w and Ash sit down to discuss a Brand New Drinking game to play whilst listening, Adam’s Tweet a long to Game of Thrones, Nicholas Cage get’s a StarWatch, American Pie gets the Go Back and Watch this Treatment and A New Blog NOBODY is reading.

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ODDcast PODcast Episode 35 is Live!

Episode Thirty Five – Fat, Asthmatic Ghost


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Click for PodOMatic

In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will welcome back Ash for some more random Movie -centric chat. They Discuss The #Kony2012 Phenomenon, Adam Sandler, How to pronounce Dougary Scott, Fat Ghosts, Torture Porn, A Vicar with Guns gets the Trailer Breakdown treatment, Robert Carlyse, John Candy is StarWatched, Arnie explains the obvious, Deaths during filming, Spilling your beer and an 80’s Ghost classic is the feature for Go Back and Watch this Shit.


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Ask an American Episode 19 is Live!

Episode Nineteen – The Duchess of Clunge

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In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!
Pod Gods Battle it out!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– Kate Middleton
– The Olympics
– Movie Mash Ups
– Stacey Solomon
– British Laws

ODDcast PODcast Episode 33 is Live!

Episode Thirty Three – Four Birds, One Stone

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In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will discuss Ear adjustment, Podcast Orgasm, Drunken Will, Spin Off TV Shows, Star Trekking, Pedantic Will, Baby Themed Trailer Breakdown, Bad Movies, John Hughes, Star-Watching with Robert Downey Jnr, Ally McBeal’s Anorexia, Weird Science and Kelly LeBrock

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Episode 30 of The ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Thirty – Masturbating after winning an Oscar

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In this SHORT Oscar special episode, Adam and Will quickly go through the nominations of 2012 Oscars. Will reacts angrily to an awards ceremony that he has no time for, Why Megan Fox deserves an award just so we can see her wank on stage, A silent film that will be un heard of in a few months and the possibility of winning big on predictions.

This was a quick Podcast before going back to normal next week after a few weeks of specials.

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