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ODDcast ShoutOuts

A New thing for The ODDcast PODcast in 2012 is giving shout outs to other people trying to promote their stuff! So here are the First Four to make the the List! Each will also get a dedicated shout out in an Episode of The ODDcast PODcast.

The Filthy Habits Official Web Site

The Filthy Habits are an Essex based band that bring back the Rock and Roll to the Masses. A band that ooze Style, Substance and that little thing called Talent create songs that so are anthemic and catchy they will stick into your head for days.
The Guys are releasing their Debut song “Backs to The Wall” (Which you can listen to in full in Episode 23 of The ODDcast PODcast)

You can Follow them on Twitter @FilthyHabitsXx
Facebook Like Page

Holly Powis Official Blog

Holly Powis is a writer and filmmaker living in Colchester.This blog charts the ups and downs of trying to break into the creative industry as well as regular rants about everything from late night karaoke to HTML. This a great blog for people to connect with somebody with passion for the arts and an open account of her daily trials and tribulations into being a creative mind stuck in an uncreative world.

You can also follow Holly on Twitter @HPowis

Bag It London Doll Official Blog

Bag It London Doll is a Fashion-centric Blog from young Fashionista Georgina Regan. The Blog centres around the Local trends for Women and Men. What’s Hot in the Fashion world? Well check out the site and see. This blog will keep you Bang on Trend and hopefully one step ahead of some of your Fashionably-challenged friends. You Know which ones they are.

You can also follow Georgina on Twitter @GeorgieJRegan

ROGUE Official YouTube Channel

ROGUE are a Brand New Girl Band trying to make it Big. Think of Them as The British Destiny’s Child. Four Dance Crazy, Souful singing and Fashionable Ladies ready to take on the Music Charts.

You Can Follow these Girls and The Official Account on Twitter:


ODDcast is NOW Interactive!

So with 2012 just around the corner The ODDcast Network is Expanding in a more Interactive way. A New Part of The Network will be to start Promoting and sharing various people’s work. This can include anything from:

– Podcasts

– You Tube Channels (Movies, Vlog’s, Music Video’s)

– Blog’s

– Twitter Accounts

– Websites

and much much more.

This is a Chance to bring together a community that can benefit from seeing each others work. We all know how hard it is to get your work out there without becoming a serial spammer on Twitter and getting blocked by your closest friends on facebook. So This way spend us your Links and Info about yourself to


or send an e mail to:

Lets work together people and help create an audience for your work.

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