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ODDcast PODcast Episode 23 is Live! – End of the Year Special

Episode Twenty Three – Conrad Murray in The Hallway with The Candlestick

In This End of The Year Podcast Adam and (Now Official Co Host) Will have a quick run through random events of 2011. They discuss fellow celeb’s that have sadly departed, or in some cases no so sadly, How Conrad Murray got put away for 4 years, A New Celebrity Cluedo game, Will’s Life Story, Being The Cheers of Podcasts, Getting Dannii Minogue’s Autograph, Top Grossing Sequels of The Year, Why Jesus was lied to, Where the F**k did Billy go?, The Future of The ODDcast PODcast is thought about and Essex Based band The Filthy Habit’s get some Podcast Air Time.

Click Here for the Episode (RIGHT click and Save As to download)

ODDcast PODcast Episode 20 is Live!

ODDcast PODcast Ep.20 – Keira Knightly could play Michael Jackson

Episode Twenty – Keira Knightly could play Michael Jackson

In this Podcast Adam and Billy discuss finding out your Girlfriend was a Man, The Posher side to the boys, The BUI Podcasters hand in their USEh?! challenge including a revelation about David Beckham, BUMwatch returns, Marilyn Monroe was not fat!, Who would play Michael Jackson in a movie of his life?, Billy has the Aids, Charity Telethons get the Kaaant Kupboard treatment and Billy gets scared of Puppets.

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