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ODDcast PODcast Episode 47 is Live!!

Episode Forty Seven – The Epic GEEKcast




In this Special Epic Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK Adam sits down with Marcus to discuss all things Geeky. They discuss The Police Academy Reboot, Steve Buscemi gets StarWatched, Adam and Marcus attempt to cast a Justice league film, Batman gets nerdgasmed over, X Men, Wonder Woman, Wolverine and all things Geeky!

This Episode does run abit long, but normal service resumes next week!





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Episode 30 of The ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Thirty – Masturbating after winning an Oscar

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In this SHORT Oscar special episode, Adam and Will quickly go through the nominations of 2012 Oscars. Will reacts angrily to an awards ceremony that he has no time for, Why Megan Fox deserves an award just so we can see her wank on stage, A silent film that will be un heard of in a few months and the possibility of winning big on predictions.

This was a quick Podcast before going back to normal next week after a few weeks of specials.

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Episode 27 of The ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Twenty Seven – Becoming Megan Fox’s Manager


In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam is joined by special Co Host Lauren Winston. She joins in with the ODDcast Chatter. The Two discuss things such as American’s not understanding the UK Tea Phenomenon, Ricky Gervais, Adam becoming Megan Fox’s manager, Clint Howard, The Three little Pigs, Celebrities being Dickish, Adam’s short film Love (re)Cycle, What is Snooker?, Best British Movies, The London Riots, The Boondock Saints, Scorcese, Fish and Chips and American Sport Names.

Also The POD GODS Network Line up is announced.

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