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MOVIEcomm Episode 8 – Halloween (1978) Is OUT NOW!

Episode Eight – Halloween (1978)



In this Eighth Episode of MOVIEcomm: Your Alternative Movie Commentary Podcast, Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ) and Marcus ( @MHWebwizard ) are without Billy ( @Bilo66 ) as they settle down for this Halloween Edition by watching the 1978 Slasher classic John Carpenters “Halloween”

After some Technical Difficulties, which can be heard slightly throughout (Sorry!), The Duo sit down with the beers and wine as they watch a film that catapulted Jamie Lee Curtis into Scream Queen folklore, Discussing  some Trivia on the film, Rules of a Slasher film, Working out that Michael Myers is just a Pervert and Lots more random ramblings.


Listen along as a simple Podcast packed with Movie banter, Trivia and entertaining discussion or you can Listen along as an Alternative Movie Commentary and watch the Movie as we watch it. Experience a New Type of Commentary with the MOVIEcomm Crew.  



Let us know what you thought. What MOVIEcomm’s would you like to hear in the Future.

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