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ODDcast PODcast Ep.69 – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!

Episode Sixty Nine – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!



In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast, The Movie-Centric Podcast NOBODY is Listening to, Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ), Ash and Will ( @BadgerProdder ) sit down for a 69er!………Not that Kind of 69er, It’s Episode 69 and apparently it’s a Sexy one…….It’s NOT!

The Three Musketeers discuss New Theme tunes, Will grabs his Guitar and attempts to be creative, Ash get’s drunk, Rita Ramnani’s ( @RitaRamnani ) Rambling Reviews are considered too easy for Will, A Samurai in the desert, Ben Stiller is Star watched, Guess the Movie Year and We go back to the swinging sixties in today’s Go Back and Watch this.



Direct Download – Episode 69


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