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Episode 43 of ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Forty Three – Samuel L Jackson is My Father


In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam, Will and Ash sit down to discuss The Avengers, Rogue Foxes, Games of Thrones, Mel Gibson’s new movie is MovieBluffed, Simon Pegg is StarWatched, SharkBoy, Zombie movies, Tom Cruise and Pulp Fiction gets the Go Back and Watch this treatment.

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Game Of Thrones! First Watch Tweet Along!

A Challenge was set during Episode 37 of The ODDcast PODcast. a Challenge that consisted of Myself and Will giving in and watching shows and films that the other has constantly dismissed. This meant I would finally succumb to watching the first 4 episodes of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” whilst Will would sit down to watch the entire movie “Anchorman” and a few Episodes of The First Series of “Extras” even though he hates Ricky Gervais with a passion.

So on Wednesday Night I sat down to watch the First Episode of the First Season of “Game of Thrones”. Now I am not a massive fan of medievel-esque/Fanstasy/Mythical/ Swords and Sorcery shows, so this show didn’t float my boat one bit from the premise. The whole show that reeked of “Lord of the Rings” and “300” put me off abit.

I was sent a link a few weeks back from Will that showed a compilation of death scenes in the Show and to be honest It improved my opinion of the show. Also I found out a lot of scenes involved Naked women and Tits!………….Why do they never show these bits in the trailers? Im a Man! I would rather see Boobs and Fannies over Swords and Dwarves!

I sat down ready to watch this show with high pre-conceptions and ready to blast it for it’s boring narrative and slow structure. I decided the only way I could remember how I felt throughout would be to write my thoughts down throughout, and with the beauty of the Internet I decided to Tweet Along as I watch and share my views scene by scene.

Here is a Transcipt of the enrite Tweeting session during Episode One, Season One of “Game of Thrones”

  • I shall be tweeting along to the first Episode of Games of Thrones with my initial views! @OddcastPodcast #gameofthrones
  • Ok just started! Horses, flame torches and men with beards. I see why Wi’w likes it. He likes men #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Severed heads before any title sequence! Dead kids too. Again I see why wi’w likes this! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • British accents! They sound better when people have swords#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Dead people gone missing! And first kill! By what looked like an ice monster. Oh creepy kid! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • What the fuck is that? Says Charlotte! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Ok title sequence begins I don’t like the music. Reminds me of lord of the rings or something boring #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Men on horses meet up with survivor from beginning. Reminds me of the beginning of men in tights #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Women embroidering now. This is fun. Plus a kid is shit at archery whilst Sheffield accented Sean Bean watches on #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Are they wearing foxes on there shoulders? Is this an homage to cruella de ville? #gameofthronesOddPod
  • That’s a mighty big sword! I see why wi’w likes this #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Nice quick be heading there. Made it look easy. Who made that sword the guy from kill bill? #gameofthronesOddPod
  • They just crossed a bridge! I wanted little John to appear and ask for some kind of toll! But didn’t #gameofthronesOddPod
  • That blokes sideburns are platted at The bottom! Pretty awesome.#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Don’t kill the little puppy!! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • In some kings landing thingy. Stones with eyes! Now a brother / sister chat. He looks smarmy and creepy, but she’s hot#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Sean bean cleaning his sword by the lake. Again I see why wi’w likes this show #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Im starting to like the saying WINTERFELL think it’s time we brought it back #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Homo erotic hair cuts. And kid climbing down a castle. Where’s the heads getting chopped off? #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The king is close!!! Oh the anticipation #gameofthronesOddPod
  • How old is the king?!?! Fuck him up Sean Bean!!#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Oh it’s The fat one from the full Monty playing the king!!! he calls Sean bean fat #potkettle #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The kids got attitude! That little girl is gonna be key to The plot me thinks. #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Eat, drink, whore my way to an early grave! The king is based on Oliver Reed! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Oh #dwarfalert #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The dwarf getting noshed off by a tasty woman! Great intro#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Dwarf and 4 whores! I’m sure there’s a sitcom in that somewhere#gameofthronesOddPod
  • I want a bushy beard like mark addy #fact #gameofthronesOddPod
  • blonde bird. Might imdb her later#gameofthronesOddPod
  • And she’s naked!! Getting touched by her brother? He looks like her! This is sick. #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Slowly getting into The jacuzzi. Apparently it’s too hot. Well put some cold in then #gameofthronesOddPod
  • More men on horses. And platted beards #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The blonde birds brother is fucking creepy. Hope he dies#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Men wearing make up? Where did they get it? Boots?#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Blonde bird speaks up. Forced marriage problems. They look like a Malfoy family. Is this Harry potter #gameofthronesOddPod
  • There’s a lot of gingers in this! I see why wi’w likes it#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Big feast and lots of beer and meat! It’s like one of Wi’ws bbqs!#gameofthronesOddPod
  • I dunno what they are saying. Something to do with being unloved by daddy. Get over it #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Dwarf drunk. Bit cliche don’t you think. Seems pretty cool though.#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Oi bastard! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Sean bean seems to be regretting beheading that lad. Are the white walkers real? Well yes I saw them #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The women have too many platted in their hair. Too much time on their hands. #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The queen asking of some girls had her period?! Yes normal dinner conversation #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Food fiiiiiiiiiight! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • That bed looks a bit ikea-esque! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Sean beans got a scar! That is some protagonists character trait to show bravery and hurt. And that he’s hard! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Blonde bird sitting next to the scary looking make up wearing wrestling looking dude. He seems fun. #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Little bit of attempted rape turns to fighting and intestines being removed. I won’t attend that party.#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Three eggs? Dragons eggs? That’s it lost all sense of reality! Dragons don’t exist #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Does that big dude aply his make up daily or just for special occasions? #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Big dude seems ok. He bought her a white horse! ( not a pub but an actual white horse ) #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Sex on the beach? Come on! Move that body! If she cries before is it rape? Did rape exist then? #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Blonde birds naked again!! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • The boys going on a hunt. Dwarf looks drunk. Fred flintstone ( the king! ) says fuckin’ a few more times #gameofthronesOddPod
  • That kids gonna fall and hurt himself climbing that castle#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Or just become a peeping Tom to the queen getting fucked by his brother!! I knew it!! #gameofthronesOddPod
  • Oops kids been thrown off the castle! And the end! Wow!#gameofthronesOddPod
  • Ok so that’s the end of Ep1 #gameofthrones and verdict so far: Not too bad. Tits and beards. Gotta watch few more for next@OddcastPodcast

So There is it. That was my Tweet Along session. I am thinking I might do some more for shows I havent seem. Do you have suggestions? Feel free to send your suggestions to me at:

E Mail:

Twitter: @BarkerPodcasts @OddcastPodcast

ODDcast PODcast Episode 36 is Live!

Episode Thirty Six – The GARDENcast


PLAY EPISODE Right Click SAVE AS to Download


In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will are again joined by Ash, as they decide to record outside in the Spring Sunshine. They sit down to discuss Chips and Crisps, Game of Thrones, Ninjas, Chelmsford becoming a City, Zombie T shirts, Free Willy or Wi’w-lee, Trailer Breakdown review, Dungeons and Dragons, Crank, Red Dwarf auditioning, Sylvester Stallone gets the Star Watch treatment, Titanic gets swept aside and The Little Mermaid freaks Adam out.


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