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ODDcast PODcast Ep.69 – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!

Episode Sixty Nine – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!



In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast, The Movie-Centric Podcast NOBODY is Listening to, Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ), Ash and Will ( @BadgerProdder ) sit down for a 69er!………Not that Kind of 69er, It’s Episode 69 and apparently it’s a Sexy one…….It’s NOT!

The Three Musketeers discuss New Theme tunes, Will grabs his Guitar and attempts to be creative, Ash get’s drunk, Rita Ramnani’s ( @RitaRamnani ) Rambling Reviews are considered too easy for Will, A Samurai in the desert, Ben Stiller is Star watched, Guess the Movie Year and We go back to the swinging sixties in today’s Go Back and Watch this.



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Panic Stations – Ep.4 : Machine Gun Men

Episode FOUR – Machine Gun Men
Welcome to PANIC STATIONS, your Local Music and Cultural Podcast about the goings on in The Local scene in Chelmsford and it’s surrounding’s area.
Hosted by Mr Chelmsford himself Andy Poole (@andyisntfunny) and Mr Podcast Adam Barker (@BarkerPodcasts), They sit down to discuss the exciting Music, Culture and Entertainment scene in The CM postcode.
In Between witty banter and interesting chat you can hear some of the best music from some the best independent and/or unsigned bands locally.So Here we go! A Podcast Recorded LIVE with an Actual band! Lot’s of Cheeky Banter, Great LIVE Music and BANE impressions amongst some information about the Local scene in and around Chelmsford.

Also Features music from:
– Captain What
– Leanne Louise
– Chestburster
– S J Denny
If you want to let us know upcoming events your involved with or songs you’d like to be played out drop us an email at or tweet us @PanicStationsUK

Too Short? Too Old?

ODDcast PODcast: Entertainment News
Too Short? Too Old?


So who remembers Cameron Diaz entering that bank in the movie The Mask back in 1994? For men everywhere, that was a cinematic iconic entrance.

So back then Cameron Diaz was that leggy blonde girl that nobody had heard of. Perfect. Now fast forward almost 20 years and she’s still out there showing off those legs and looking pretty good. But a lot of people are starting to think “Is she too old to dress like she did 20 years ago?”

Well my honest answer is No! I think if you’ve got it flaunt it! She’s obviously got it still ! What’s stopping you from the showing off after your twenties? I mean Kylie Minogue still does it! Remember the Spinning Around video

Goes to show if you’ve got it flaunt it! Nothing wrong with these older ladies mixing it up with the youngsters today! I know I’d prefer to see Kylie & Cameron flaunting it over Selena Gomez anyday.


Article from My Daily
Cameron Diaz rocks exceedingly short skirt and newly short hair on Jay Leno
We defy you to look at these pictures of Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, without being mesmerised by her most perfect of pins.
The leggy actress showed off her lithe limbs in a daringly short LBD and ankle-strap heels to appear on the American TV favourite.
Once the initial leg-envy died down, we were then able to notice that Cam was also rocking a sexy new ‘do – having cut her shoulder-length locks into a choppy long bob. And we like!

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