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It’s Not Soccer Podcast – BRAND NEW – Episode One

Episode One – Cheese Toast Bitch

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It’s Not Soccer is the Sports-Centric Podcast……..But Not as you Know it.

ODDcast PODcast Host Adam sits down with Billy to discuss the sporting stories from around the world, but with a slightly different perspective. Nothing is off limits as the two discuss anything from Capello to Cheese Toast.

This Première Episode The Two sit down to record a LIVE Podcast during the:

ENGLAND vs HOLLAND Friendly Game at Wembley.

After discussing the New Look England Team thoughts turn to Football related Movies, Football Songs and How Rubbish Stuart Downing is.

If your not a Sports Fan, Dont let that put you off. There’s plenty here to hear and enjoy as the topics go so far they become Offside.

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Episode 25 of ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Twenty Five – It’s a Little Bit Rapey

In this Episode of  The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will have a chat with Future Will, Discuss The Golden Globes Nominations and Will’s take on pandering celebs, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo Remake is a little but Rapey for Will to watch, Adam asks What Kind of serial killer would you be?, What Celebrities would you invite to a Dinner party?, Will looks like a Beardless Brian Blessed aswell several ugly celebs, Oscar winners and losers, A Wicker Trailer breakdown, Some bad acting from Nicolas Cage, Lots of arguments between Batman:Arkham City and Skyrim A Creative Blogger gets the ODDcast shoutout and Will lets loose in Angry Will.

ODDcast Shoutout:

Holly Powis Blog

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You want to Ask an American?

2012 is a brand new year for The ODDcast Network and mainly Ask an American.

Ask an American consists of British based questions. And from now on I’d like YOU guys and girls to start supplying your own questions.
Anything is accepted as long as:
a) It has a British theme to the question
b) It hasn’t been asked before.

So choose from anything that has British connections. You can choose anything from :
– British TV
– Music
– History
– Sports
– Celebrities

So send in your questions to

Let’s Yank up the pressure!

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