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Episode 24 of the ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Twenty Four – Christopher Walken’s not wearing Hockey Pads!

The First ODDcast PODcast of 2012. Host’s Adam and Will set down the premise of the Podcast, Batman get’s the Trailer Breakdown treatment leading into an in depth PUG inspired Bat chat, Injecting Kyrptonite into Adam until Will decides that would possible lead to death, Cigar chomping superhero’s, An extremely bad Christopher Walken impersonation becomes a Challenge, Katy Perry and Russell Brand set the bar for other Celebrity marriages, Will attempts a Quiz about Celeb couples, Twitter is the best place for Pregnancy advice, Angry Will get’s his first outing, The ODDcast Shoutout starts for the first time for ¬†UK Girlband ROGUE and a Fashionista’s Blog get’s Will excited.

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ODDcast SHOUTouts:

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Bag It London Doll Blog

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