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ODDcast PODcast Ep.69 – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!

Episode Sixty Nine – The NOT so SEXYcast Baby, Yeah!



In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast, The Movie-Centric Podcast NOBODY is Listening to, Adam ( @BarkerPodcasts ), Ash and Will ( @BadgerProdder ) sit down for a 69er!………Not that Kind of 69er, It’s Episode 69 and apparently it’s a Sexy one…….It’s NOT!

The Three Musketeers discuss New Theme tunes, Will grabs his Guitar and attempts to be creative, Ash get’s drunk, Rita Ramnani’s ( @RitaRamnani ) Rambling Reviews are considered too easy for Will, A Samurai in the desert, Ben Stiller is Star watched, Guess the Movie Year and We go back to the swinging sixties in today’s Go Back and Watch this.



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ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet

ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Episode, Adam once again sits down to have a chat with British Actress Rebecca Ferdinando. The Discuss her newest film OUTSIDE BET, Awkward mother moments, Distribution in the movie business, Making it big in the US, Kate Winslet, Ron Howard and her future releases “White Collar Hooligan” and “Get Lucky”

ODDpod Xtra – Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet

This is a Follow up Chat from last year. You can go listen to the First Installment here :

Rebecca Ferdinando ODDpod Xtra Chat – September 2011

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One Xtra Erection

ODDcast PODcast: Entertainment News
One Xtra Erection

So life seems to be very simple and easy if you have been groomed by Simon Cowell( not in that way )
For Harry Styles from popular boyband of the moment life has just gotten a little Xtra sweet!
According to rumours The young mop haired, little tyke from the reality/manufactured ball sack of *Simon Cowell* has bagged himself the lovely, gorgeous and teasing Caroline Flack presenter of The Xtra Factor.
I am a fan of Caroline but I’m beginning to think she’s one of those cock tease girls. She seems to always be in the papers hooking up with lots of random guys. Maybe that’s not her fault but she strikes me as the sort of girl a lot of other girls dislike because she flirts with their boyfriends.

Now it seems after flirting with the likes of Joe Swash and co host Olly Murs she’s moved onto her toy boy. Is it true? Who knows?! Obviously Harry would love it to be true, but I wonder what the avid One Direction fans would say? This could hurt Caroline’s popularity with them.


ONE Direction’s Harry Styles has bagged another X Factor prize — TV presenter Caroline Flack.


The 17-year-old singer was seen on Tuesday night enjoying a cosy meal with the leggy Xtra Factor host, who is 15 years his senior.


The pair shared a couple of desserts at a posh restaurant in London’s St Martins Lane hotel. They sat close to one another and were open about being out together.
After finishing their meal, the giggling couple sauntered out of the main entrance at 11pm and hopped into the same chauffeur-driven car.
A source said: “Caroline and Harry attended a showbiz bash, then went for a meal at the Asia De Cuba restaurant.


“They were clearly enjoying being together and didn’t seem to care who saw them. Two other friends joined them while they were eating, but it was clear they only had eyes for each other.
“Earlier in the evening Caroline was in the lobby of the hotel on her phone waiting for Harry to arrive. Later they didn’t try to hide the fact that they were jumping in a cab together either.”
Last month Harry and Caroline, 32, sparked rumours of a relationship as they were seen kissing at an X Factor party.
Soon after, Harry wrote on Twitter: “Sometimes things happen and you suddenly get a whole new outlook on life.”
One Direction finished third on last year’s seventh series of The X Factor and later signed a record contract with Syco Music. Their debut single What Makes You Beautiful stormed to No1.
Harry has made no secret of having a soft spot for London-born Caroline.
His bandmate Louis Tomlinson, said last week: “Harry’s found the one now.” But he refused to say who the woman was.
Harry and Caroline — who was at the London premiere of the latest Twilight film last night — faced stick last Sunday when One Direction appeared on the Xtra Factor.
After taking a ribbing from his band and Olly Murs, teen heart-throb Harry was asked which of the current contestants on the series he fancied.

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