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Back to Reality

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Back to Reality


So this weekend sees the final of The X Factor UK and a brand new Popstar will emerge to mass applaud, critical success and worldwide praise and admiration.
Or will they purely win a Tv show then be forgotten about in 15 minutes until the next big entertainment show starts?



Let’s face it, The X Factor isn’t, and never has been, a show that showcases the best singers from the UK. It’s simply an entertainment show that showcases entertaining acts, sob stories and people that the simple minded music buyer will follow and become a fan of.

The X Factor is a show to give people who haven’t got an idea who to like in the Music world and option to follow somebody. I don’t want to say the shows for idiots, but it isn’t for people to watch and say
“That girl is going to be bigger than the Beatles” because that’s ridiculous. But you must also remember that bands like One Direction are causing the same mass hysteria than The Beatles created in the 60’s. But what separates them are the ability to make good music. Which always prevails regardless of popularity and winning a tv show.


Reality TV is purely Entertainment and the ones with Normal folk becoming celebrities is the one appeal to why they are still around.
The Only Way is Essex is only popular because people connect to them. They have watched them go from being a normal civilian like themselves and move into a world a lot of people only dream of.


People are constantly moaning about Reality TV and how dumbed down, commercial, pointless and a factory of creating so called Celebs, but what they fail to realise is the audience watching are wanting to see people made into celebs as they see it as a bridge between themselves and the people they are watching.


ShowBusiness as they call it, is defined by one simple rule.
– You must be liked and popular to sustain a career regardless of talent.

I’m a Celebrity get me out of here is a prime example of celebrities unsure of their own place in the world. So in order to get clarification of where they belong they go through this ordeal of pretty much exposing themselves in order to see how popular it works or in some cases doesn’t work.

So whether you like it or not Reality TV is here and has a fan base. If people are so offended by it then they need to start re-evaluating there own morals.

But some reality tv shows can be a right old Cu………

How did you find me?!

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How did you find me?!

Ok so the good thing about this blog in a hosts opinion is the statistics and data I can look up about the people who visit here. I can see how many views each post gets, what links were clicked on the most and even how people found the site via Google.

Now the google search statistics and data is a marvellous thing. It’s so great it actually shows you what people have typed in the search bar for this site to appear as a result.

Here are a few examples!


Now the most worrying search is Willie Carsons erection for 2 reasons :

1) Why the hell has my blog appeared via that search?
2) What kind of freak searches for Willie Carsons cock?!

A worrying time! So if that person is you, leave a comment 😉 I might have some willie Carson photos for you in return for listening to the podcast! You seem like my kind of audience!

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