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Episode 49 of the ODDcast PODcast is Live!!

Episode Forty Nine – Ever Danced with a Podcast in the Pale Moonlight?


In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK Adam, Will and Ash rejoin after a Month break from podcasting together. They sit down to discuss Films on a Plane, Going to Film première’s, Not recognising 80’s Movie Icons, Natalie Portman gets StarWatched and Tim Burton’s Batman gets the Go Back and Watch this Treatment.



ODDcast PODcast Episode 49



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ODDcast PODcast Episode 47 is Live!!

Episode Forty Seven – The Epic GEEKcast




In this Special Epic Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK Adam sits down with Marcus to discuss all things Geeky. They discuss The Police Academy Reboot, Steve Buscemi gets StarWatched, Adam and Marcus attempt to cast a Justice league film, Batman gets nerdgasmed over, X Men, Wonder Woman, Wolverine and all things Geeky!

This Episode does run abit long, but normal service resumes next week!





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ODDcast PODcast Xtra – 5 Conversations in 1 is Live!

ODDcast PODcast Xtra: 5 Conversations in 1


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Episode Adam sits down and has 5 different Movie based conversations via Skype. You will hear from the likes of Mr Mick from @BuiPodcasters talking The Usual Suspects and his Music, Jake from @GarageCast talking about Christian Bales Voice and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ODDcast Listener Nick Petiffer @NickPetiffer talking Avengers and Oscars, Steph from #TLPS @eviloi talking Goonies and Sean Astin, and Comedy duo @TwoGirls1cat talking Prometheus and Bacon!

All conversations are inter cut for your enjoyment! Go Follow these guys and girls by clicking their twitter names.

This Podcast was recorded over Jubilee Weekend 2012.

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ODDcast PODcast Episode 46 is Live!

Episode Forty Six – Columbo’s Eye played a Fake Eye!


In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK Adam, Will and Ash are once again joined by Original ODDcast co host and current “It’s NOT Soccer Podcast” co host Billy. They sit down to discuss rubbish zombie films, Sweeney Todd’s singing, Sandra Bullock gets StarWatched, Dark Shadows, Eva Green getting beaten up and looking hot, Columbo’s Fake Eye, Wayne’s World and Alice Cooper.


ODDcast PODcast Episode 46

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ODDCast PODcast Xtra : Rita Ramnani is Live!

ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rita Ramnani 


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Adam sits down and chats to Actress Rita Ramnani. They discuss her career so far, working with Danny Dyer, Tamar Hassan, Doug Bradley and Mark Hamill, The Jack Falls Trilogy, Scarlett Johansonn, The British film industry, Blockbusters and Eric Cantona!

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ODDcast PODcast Episode 42 is Live!

Episode Forty Two – Drunken DwarfCast


In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam, Will and Ash are joined by Marcus once more. They sit down drinking and making no sense as they discuss Dwarves in movies, Going back in Time for Go Back and watch this, A short starwatch in more ways than one and Tom Cruise gets MovieBluffed. Also Bryan from GarageCast skypes in with a quick chat.

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Its Not Soccer Episode 2 is Live!!

Its Not Soccer – Episode 2

Episode Two – It’s Not Gay if it’s on a Podcast


It’s Not Soccer is the Sports-Centric Podcast……..But Not as you Know it.
ODDcast PODcast Host Adam sits down with Billy to discuss the sporting stories from around the world, but with a slightly different perspective. Nothing is off limits as the two discuss anything from Snooker to fetish porn.
In This second episode Adam and Billy go LIVE again whilst watching the most boring sport in the world…..Snooker. They discuss things from Penguins being stolen, chatting to BUI podcasters via twitter, Fetish porn, The Hottest girl in Britain, getting drunk and skyping in with The Google Goddess from The Last Podcaster Standing.

If your not a Sports Fan, Dont let that put you off. There’s plenty here to hear and enjoy as the topics go so far they become Offside.

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ODDcast PODcast Episode 35 is Live!

Episode Thirty Five – Fat, Asthmatic Ghost


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In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will welcome back Ash for some more random Movie -centric chat. They Discuss The #Kony2012 Phenomenon, Adam Sandler, How to pronounce Dougary Scott, Fat Ghosts, Torture Porn, A Vicar with Guns gets the Trailer Breakdown treatment, Robert Carlyse, John Candy is StarWatched, Arnie explains the obvious, Deaths during filming, Spilling your beer and an 80’s Ghost classic is the feature for Go Back and Watch this Shit.


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Episode 34 of The ODDcast PODcast is Live!

Episode Thirty Four – Don’t you want a Balloon? 


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In this Episode of The ODDcast PODcast Adam and Will are joined by mate Ash. The Three sit down to discuss things such as Cutting through a Tin Can, The Pedantic Twins, The Fat Controller, Elm Street gets re-visited for Trailer Breakdown, Arnie talk AGAIN, Classic Scary Movies, Mel Gibson’s gets the Star Watch Treatment, Spam E mails, Creepy Clowns and Childhood Fears.


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Episode 18 of Ask an American is Live!

Episode Nineteen – Two Girls, One Cup…….Of Tea

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In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!
Pod Gods Battle it out!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– Mother and Child Stories

– Tea Drinkers

– British Monarchs

– Essex Strange Sightings

– British Towns

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