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Panic Stations – Ep.4 : Machine Gun Men

Episode FOUR – Machine Gun Men
Welcome to PANIC STATIONS, your Local Music and Cultural Podcast about the goings on in The Local scene in Chelmsford and it’s surrounding’s area.
Hosted by Mr Chelmsford himself Andy Poole (@andyisntfunny) and Mr Podcast Adam Barker (@BarkerPodcasts), They sit down to discuss the exciting Music, Culture and Entertainment scene in The CM postcode.
In Between witty banter and interesting chat you can hear some of the best music from some the best independent and/or unsigned bands locally.So Here we go! A Podcast Recorded LIVE with an Actual band! Lot’s of Cheeky Banter, Great LIVE Music and BANE impressions amongst some information about the Local scene in and around Chelmsford.

Also Features music from:
– Captain What
– Leanne Louise
– Chestburster
– S J Denny
If you want to let us know upcoming events your involved with or songs you’d like to be played out drop us an email at or tweet us @PanicStationsUK

ODDcast PODcast Episode 52 – Big ODDcast in Little PODcast

Episode Fifty Two – Big ODDcast in Little PODcast




In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK Adam, Will and Ash finally get a chance to use new Mic’s which makes them sound like they have hit the Big time with BBC Radio 4. After a Glitch in previous recording of Episode 52 it’s Take Two for the ODDcasters. They sit down this week to discuss The Olympics, NEW ODDcast PODcast T Shirts, Putting on a Show for Listeners, Dark Knight Rises Premiere, Kevin Costner get’s SarWatched, A Recovered Arnie quiz and John Carpenter’s classic Big Trouble in Little China get’s re-visited.



ODDcast PODcast Episode 52 – Big ODDcast in Little PODcast



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