ODDpod Xtra Episodes

ODDpod Xtra is a Podcast spin off where Adam chat’s to people within the Entertainment/Showbiz industry.

Episode 5 –  5 Convos in 1 ( A Listeners Special)

ODDcast PODcast Xtra: 5 Conversations in 1


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Episode Adam sits down and has 5 different Movie based conversations via Skype. You will hear from the likes of Mr Mick from @BuiPodcasters talking The Usual Suspects and his Music, Jake from @GarageCast talking about Christian Bales Voice and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ODDcast Listener Nick Petiffer @NickPetiffer talking Avengers and Oscars, Steph from #TLPS @eviloi talking Goonies and Sean Astin, and Comedy duo @TwoGirls1cat talking Prometheus and Bacon!

Episode 4 – Rita Ramnani

ODDcast PODcast Xtra : Rita Ramnani 


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Adam sits down and chats to Actress Rita Ramnani. They discuss her career so far, working with Danny Dyer, Tamar Hassan, Doug Bradley and Mark Hamill, The Jack Falls Trilogy, Scarlett Johansonn, The British film industry, Blockbusters and Eric Cantona!

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Episode 48 – The HooliganCAST

Episode 41 – Strippers Vs Werewolves Vs Drunk People

Episode 3 – Rebecca Ferdinando Catch Up

Rebecca Ferdinando/Outside Bet


In this ODDcast PODcast Xtra Episode, Adam once again sits down to have a chat with British Actress Rebecca Ferdinando. The Discuss her newest film OUTSIDE BET, Awkward mother moments, Distribution in the movie business, Making it big in the US, Kate Winslet, Ron Howard and her future releases “White Collar Hooligan” and “Get Lucky”

Episode 2 – Cathy Beasley

Cathy Beasley

A little about me…

I studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy and have been continuing my learning on various film sets ever since.  I love filmmaking.  It is what I love to do.  And thankfully I have been able to learn a lot over the years.  I’ve done quite a few short films, and have completed one feature film.

Follow Her on Twitter: @KitCatFilms

ODDcast PODcast Xtra – Micheal Bay Shouted at Me!

ODDpod Xtra – Micheal Bay Shouted at Me! – Oscars and Movie SpecialThis Special Podcast features Adam and Cathy Beasley discussing The Movie World. Cathy is an Indie Film Maker whose latest Feature ScapeGoat is looking for Funding for The KickStarter campaign. We sat down on OSCARS night to discuss Her film, Her previous film BAKER, Working in Hollywood, The Oscar nominees, Meeting George Clooney, Nicolas Cage Movies and getting shouted at by Micheal Bay.

Episode 1 Rebecca Ferdinando
Actress/Model/Tv Presenter

Rebecca Ferdinando


View Resume | Official Photos » On IMDB

Rebecca was born in Enfield, North London and went to Sylvia Young Theatre school from a young age. She then went onto study Drama at Middlesex University where she gained a BA Hons degree and later completed a post graduate course at drama school and has since never looked back. She lives in Highgate, North London.

Actress (3 titles)

2011 Outside Bet (completed)

2010 X-Men First Class
1980’s Croupier

2010 Bonded by Blood

2010 Shank

She has done various Modelling jobs in Magazines such as “Maxim” and “Loaded” aswell as Television Presenting on shows such as “Great British Quiz” on Channel 5.

She has now focused on her Acting and under her name Rebecca Ferdinando. She is a Little Ticking TimeBomb ready to go off!

She was really chatty and Polite. She has a great persepctive on the British Film Industry and how well it seems to be going at the current time.

Check Out her Website: and Follow her on Twitter @Rferdinando


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