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Kitty Goes GaGa with a Night of Waisselisms

ODDcast PODcast: Waissel Watch
Kitty Goes GaGa


Waissel: (a)being talented but unlikeable
(b) to pull a waissel would be to create a public act that causes mass wide cringe
(c) becoming the victim of judgement over something you have no control over

So Waissel Watch has evolved into a segment which doesn’t only follow The Infamous KATIE WAISSEL but also the people who follow suit. And so far Kitty Brucknell has filled that void.

So last night on The X Factor Kittywas eliminated after being in the bottom 2 with fellow Waissel-esque contestant Misha B. Both are extremely talented but unfortunately fall into the wormhole of Waisselism where they fail to connect with an audience.

Kitty seemed calm and collected when she was told she was in the bottom 2 and you know it was her time to go when Dermot asked her “What song are you going to sing?” and her reply was “I’m just happy to be here!” (Classic case of Waisselism)

After a great sing off, Kitty was eliminated and her X Factor journey came to a close. But before she went, she wanted to go out in Waissel-esque style. She took the last few moments to belt out an acapella version of Born this way by Lady GaGa much to Dermots cringing look and the audiences bemusement.
Now that’s a grade A Waisselism if there ever was!

After the show Lady GaGa returned to the stage to console Kitty only for a scenario from single white female to emerge and Kitty begin to touch her and become her ultimate best friend.

A show insider said: “Gaga couldn’t believe Kitty had been axed and thought she was one of the most talented and exciting acts in the competition.

“She thought that Kitty had been misunderstood and it reminded her of her own struggles to be accepted.”
But as their verdict sank in, sobbing Kitty snatched the microphone from host Dermot O’Leary and sang an unaccompanied chorus of Gaga’s hit Born This Way.
Gaga — who earlier performed her single Marry The Night after emerging from a mausoleum dressed as a decapitated corpse — responded by dashing onstage.
A still-weeping Kitty, who started out as a Lady Gaga impersonator, told the star: “I’m sorry, you just inspire me.”
Caring Gaga replied: “Let’s go and have a drink.”



A Classic Case of becoming a Waissel in a night full of Waisselisms

With Kitty gone, who can carry the Waissel crown?
Watch this Space!

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