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It’s NOT Soccer Podcast – Episode 6 – Hanging Out with Wasabi! (Google Hangout Live Part 1)

Episode Six – Hanging Out with Wasabi! ( Google Hangout Live Part 1 )




It’s NOT Soccer is a Sports Centric Podcast where ODDcast PODcast Host Adam and Billy sit down and discuss things that are NOT Sports Related. Adam and Billy attempt a LIVE Google + Hangout during a drunken Bank Holiday Weekend. This is Part One! Edited Down from an Epic 4 Hour Live Streaming. Join us as they are joined by friend of the show Dave and Mick from @Buipodcasters as they attempt to alk Movies, Podcasts, snorting wasabi and much much more.


Part Two to be released soon……….


If your not a Sports Fan, Dont let that put you off. There’s plenty here to hear and enjoy as the topics go so far they become Offside.


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Episode 2 of POD GOD Dammit is Live!

POD GOD Dammit – Episode 2

Episode TWO – Who is the Sexiest Celebrity?

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POD GOD dammit! The Podcast Mash Up featuring all the Podcasts on the POD GODS Network.
Each Episode, each POD GOD will discuss a certain Topic/Subject in their own unique fashion.
This Episode all the POD GODS discuss
“Who is the Sexiest Celebrity?”
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Its Not Soccer Episode 2 is Live!!

Its Not Soccer – Episode 2

Episode Two – It’s Not Gay if it’s on a Podcast


It’s Not Soccer is the Sports-Centric Podcast……..But Not as you Know it.
ODDcast PODcast Host Adam sits down with Billy to discuss the sporting stories from around the world, but with a slightly different perspective. Nothing is off limits as the two discuss anything from Snooker to fetish porn.
In This second episode Adam and Billy go LIVE again whilst watching the most boring sport in the world…..Snooker. They discuss things from Penguins being stolen, chatting to BUI podcasters via twitter, Fetish porn, The Hottest girl in Britain, getting drunk and skyping in with The Google Goddess from The Last Podcaster Standing.

If your not a Sports Fan, Dont let that put you off. There’s plenty here to hear and enjoy as the topics go so far they become Offside.

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Episode 13 of Ask an American is Live!

Episode Twelve – Drink Her Bath Water

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– James Bond Movies

– Googled Celebrities

– Henry the VII’s Wives

– Fake British Accents

– Cockney Rhyming Slang!

Click Here For Episode (RIGHT click to save to PC)

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