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ODDcast PODcast PREVIEW for Ep28: Jordy Cook

So another ODDcast PODcast is going Live this Tuesday! And You are in for a treat. This week Will once again leaves the co hosting duties to Geordie Comedian Jordy Cook.

Adam and Jordy discuss the most surreal things and go off topic more than once. From Topics like Glue Factories, Sonia From Eastenders and The Fresh Prince. It’s an Hilarious chat that will have you Laughing. Finally somebody Funny is on the show!

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ODDcast PODcast PREVIEW for Ep27

Take a Listen to a PREVIEW of Episode 27 of The ODDcast PODcast. In this Episode Will make’s way for a special American Guest. Lauren Winston steps up to the ODDpod plate and give’s us her views on Megan Fox, Jonah Hill, Clint Howard and British Men.
It’s Informative, Entertaining and Funny.

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ODDpod Guest Co Host’s Coming Soon!

What a Brilliant ODDcast PODcast UK Chat with a Very Funny Lady from Oop North! If you wanna hear about Weddings in Chelmsford Shopping centres, The Fresh Prince of Bell end, Stopping a Music Gig for some Hot Pot and Her Dad being faster than Usain Bolt then YOU have to start listening to the ODDcast PODcast! This Episode will air around the 3rd/4th of February!

JORDYGAL guesting on Him&Me TV

You Can follow her on Twitter : @JordyGal

BUT before that I Have Episode 27 being Released Wednesday 26th featuring an in depth chat with American Journalist and Movie Geek Lauren Winston. We chat about all things from Being Megan Fox’s Manager, Jonah Hill, Fish and Chips and Misquoted Celebs. Its an Interesting and Entertaining Podcast!

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ODDcast Guest Coming Soon: Lauren Winston

2012 is the Year The ODDcast PODcast opens up to more Interaction with it’s Listeners and People connected with the show. I have lined up some interesting guest’s to appear on the Show in the coming months to keep things fresh and exciting.

One Confirmed Guest and due to on in the next month is American Sports Journalist/Radio Presenter/Blogger/Actress and Promoter LAUREN WINSTON

Lauren is a lady who is due to have a very exciting 2012. She has her fingers in many (American) Pies (HeHe) and a very talented and ambitious individual. She has presented various Radio shows, appeared in a Clint Howard and Charlie O’Connell Movie, Presented the Sports Segment on a Sports Show and writes a very descriptive and in depth Blog about her daily life.

She also has her own You Tube Channel : Lauren TV

Lauren Winston Radio Promo

Lauren Winston Commercial

Lauren  Winston – Lauren TV: Pub Crawl

Lauren Winston – Lauren TV: Old Town

Shes an energetic woman with her eyes firmly onto making the future bigger and better for herself.

Go Follow her on twitter: @LaurenWinston

New Ask an American Poster / Logo

Here is the New Ask an American Podcast Poster for 2012


The British are Invading

So The ODDcast PODcast is gaining momentum and hitting parts of the world that It didn’t know existed.

So far it’s become a cult hit amongst small tribes in Northern Antigua who are now worshipping Katie Waissel as a God.

It is also used as The National Prime Time listening flagship show in rural, isolated parts of Alaska where every local wears a T Shirt saying ” Leave Life” and all have a Kaaaannt Cupboard to store things in.

But Now after forming an alliance with several American Podcasts The ODDcast PODcast has started to gain a following who like to write about us!

Hold The (Awesome title for a blog) have decided The ODDcast PODcast is so bloody great it deserved it’s own little Post about it.

Go check it out and start to embrace the ODDcast in you!

You want to Ask an American?

2012 is a brand new year for The ODDcast Network and mainly Ask an American.

Ask an American consists of British based questions. And from now on I’d like YOU guys and girls to start supplying your own questions.
Anything is accepted as long as:
a) It has a British theme to the question
b) It hasn’t been asked before.

So choose from anything that has British connections. You can choose anything from :
– British TV
– Music
– History
– Sports
– Celebrities

So send in your questions to

Let’s Yank up the pressure!

Happy New Year! Have an ODDtastic One!

So 2011 is drawing to a close! It’s been a Great year for the ODDcast Network and 2012 looks like it’s going to be Huge for the Network. Also Opening up to The community to get involved and see if we can all work together to make The ODDcast network Bigger than Katie Price’s little black book.

New Microphone! New Co-Host! More Guests! Same Old ODDness

So Hope Everybody has a Great New Year and Here are a Few Podcast’s to help you tomorrow when your Hungover!

ODDcast PODcast Episode 23 – Conrad Murray in the Hallway with the Candlestick!

The End of The Year Podcast that Reviews the Main stories of the Last year and also introduces Will as The NEW Official Co-Host of The ODDcast PODcast.

Ask an American Episode 11 – Have a Butchers? Ain’t got a Scooby!

This the End of The Year episode of Spin Off Global podcast Ask an American. In this Episode American’s finally grasp the concept of Cockney Rhyming slang, or do they?, What is Big Ben? and What Brit has Fucked an American.

ODDcast is NOW Interactive!

So with 2012 just around the corner The ODDcast Network is Expanding in a more Interactive way. A New Part of The Network will be to start Promoting and sharing various people’s work. This can include anything from:

– Podcasts

– You Tube Channels (Movies, Vlog’s, Music Video’s)

– Blog’s

– Twitter Accounts

– Websites

and much much more.

This is a Chance to bring together a community that can benefit from seeing each others work. We all know how hard it is to get your work out there without becoming a serial spammer on Twitter and getting blocked by your closest friends on facebook. So This way spend us your Links and Info about yourself to


or send an e mail to:

Lets work together people and help create an audience for your work.

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