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Katy Perry goes Johnny Cash?

Just came across The Latest Katy Perry Video for One That Got Away and was very impressed.

First Off its a great Pop song! But The video is well made, well shot, well structured and pretty dark and depressing really. It has a real Johnny Cash feel right at the end with a musical interlude to end out on. A Great Video!

She also reminds me of an Old Lea Thompson in the Old make Up, from Back To The Future

Check out Episode 11 of Ask an American for some Katy Perry chat too.

Back to Reality

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Back to Reality


So this weekend sees the final of The X Factor UK and a brand new Popstar will emerge to mass applaud, critical success and worldwide praise and admiration.
Or will they purely win a Tv show then be forgotten about in 15 minutes until the next big entertainment show starts?



Let’s face it, The X Factor isn’t, and never has been, a show that showcases the best singers from the UK. It’s simply an entertainment show that showcases entertaining acts, sob stories and people that the simple minded music buyer will follow and become a fan of.

The X Factor is a show to give people who haven’t got an idea who to like in the Music world and option to follow somebody. I don’t want to say the shows for idiots, but it isn’t for people to watch and say
“That girl is going to be bigger than the Beatles” because that’s ridiculous. But you must also remember that bands like One Direction are causing the same mass hysteria than The Beatles created in the 60’s. But what separates them are the ability to make good music. Which always prevails regardless of popularity and winning a tv show.


Reality TV is purely Entertainment and the ones with Normal folk becoming celebrities is the one appeal to why they are still around.
The Only Way is Essex is only popular because people connect to them. They have watched them go from being a normal civilian like themselves and move into a world a lot of people only dream of.


People are constantly moaning about Reality TV and how dumbed down, commercial, pointless and a factory of creating so called Celebs, but what they fail to realise is the audience watching are wanting to see people made into celebs as they see it as a bridge between themselves and the people they are watching.


ShowBusiness as they call it, is defined by one simple rule.
– You must be liked and popular to sustain a career regardless of talent.

I’m a Celebrity get me out of here is a prime example of celebrities unsure of their own place in the world. So in order to get clarification of where they belong they go through this ordeal of pretty much exposing themselves in order to see how popular it works or in some cases doesn’t work.

So whether you like it or not Reality TV is here and has a fan base. If people are so offended by it then they need to start re-evaluating there own morals.

But some reality tv shows can be a right old Cu………

Too Short? Too Old?

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Too Short? Too Old?


So who remembers Cameron Diaz entering that bank in the movie The Mask back in 1994? For men everywhere, that was a cinematic iconic entrance.

So back then Cameron Diaz was that leggy blonde girl that nobody had heard of. Perfect. Now fast forward almost 20 years and she’s still out there showing off those legs and looking pretty good. But a lot of people are starting to think “Is she too old to dress like she did 20 years ago?”

Well my honest answer is No! I think if you’ve got it flaunt it! She’s obviously got it still ! What’s stopping you from the showing off after your twenties? I mean Kylie Minogue still does it! Remember the Spinning Around video

Goes to show if you’ve got it flaunt it! Nothing wrong with these older ladies mixing it up with the youngsters today! I know I’d prefer to see Kylie & Cameron flaunting it over Selena Gomez anyday.


Article from My Daily
Cameron Diaz rocks exceedingly short skirt and newly short hair on Jay Leno
We defy you to look at these pictures of Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, without being mesmerised by her most perfect of pins.
The leggy actress showed off her lithe limbs in a daringly short LBD and ankle-strap heels to appear on the American TV favourite.
Once the initial leg-envy died down, we were then able to notice that Cam was also rocking a sexy new ‘do – having cut her shoulder-length locks into a choppy long bob. And we like!

Tut Tut Tulisa!

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Tut Tut Tulisa!

Now after trawling for stories, I came across this pedantic little gem about Tulisa maybe getting in trouble for advertising her Perfume subtly and subliminally via her tattoo, that she’s had for many years, way before any deals of a perfume were due out.

This goes to show how petty Ofcom really are and how Television rules on advertising is getting ridiculous. Nobody watches advert’s nowadays, so let them subtly advertise this way. I’d rather see the odd arm tattoo than sit through 3 minutes every 5 minutes of annoying adverts!

The X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos could reportedly be banned from making her signature arm gesture at the start of each broadcast, after Ofcom investigated complaints that it constitutes advertising of her perfume.
The N-Dubz singer starts each show by holding her arm up sideways revealing a tattoo saying, The Female Boss, which is the name of her new fragrance launched last month.
The media regulator has received a number of complaints that showing the tattoo breaks rules governing the promotion and reference of commercial products by on-screen talent.

Tulisa shows her The Female Boss tattoo on The X Factor

© Rex Features / Ken McKay / ITV

Ofcom is also said to be investigating a segment in ITV2 spinoff show, The Xtra Factor, which referred to The Female Boss and discussed Tulisa’s signature gesture.

The watchdog will judge whether brandishing the Female Boss tattoo so clearly to the camera is in breach of its broadcasting rules, reports The Guardian. Should the regulator decide that it is, Tulisa could be banned from doing the gesture in future broadcasts.

Ofcom has not yet decided whether to launch a separate investigation into swear words emblazoned on Rihanna‘s shoes during last night The X Factor results show.

The ITV1 series has regularly got into trouble with Ofcom, including a ruling in January that the show was in breach of product placement rules after presenter Dermot O’Leary appeared to encourage viewers to download songs from guest acts on the programme.

Last month, ITV1’s This Morning programme was criticised by Ofcom for allowing Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden to promote a group of law firms she was backing.

One Xtra Erection

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One Xtra Erection

So life seems to be very simple and easy if you have been groomed by Simon Cowell( not in that way )
For Harry Styles from popular boyband of the moment life has just gotten a little Xtra sweet!
According to rumours The young mop haired, little tyke from the reality/manufactured ball sack of *Simon Cowell* has bagged himself the lovely, gorgeous and teasing Caroline Flack presenter of The Xtra Factor.
I am a fan of Caroline but I’m beginning to think she’s one of those cock tease girls. She seems to always be in the papers hooking up with lots of random guys. Maybe that’s not her fault but she strikes me as the sort of girl a lot of other girls dislike because she flirts with their boyfriends.

Now it seems after flirting with the likes of Joe Swash and co host Olly Murs she’s moved onto her toy boy. Is it true? Who knows?! Obviously Harry would love it to be true, but I wonder what the avid One Direction fans would say? This could hurt Caroline’s popularity with them.


ONE Direction’s Harry Styles has bagged another X Factor prize — TV presenter Caroline Flack.


The 17-year-old singer was seen on Tuesday night enjoying a cosy meal with the leggy Xtra Factor host, who is 15 years his senior.


The pair shared a couple of desserts at a posh restaurant in London’s St Martins Lane hotel. They sat close to one another and were open about being out together.
After finishing their meal, the giggling couple sauntered out of the main entrance at 11pm and hopped into the same chauffeur-driven car.
A source said: “Caroline and Harry attended a showbiz bash, then went for a meal at the Asia De Cuba restaurant.


“They were clearly enjoying being together and didn’t seem to care who saw them. Two other friends joined them while they were eating, but it was clear they only had eyes for each other.
“Earlier in the evening Caroline was in the lobby of the hotel on her phone waiting for Harry to arrive. Later they didn’t try to hide the fact that they were jumping in a cab together either.”
Last month Harry and Caroline, 32, sparked rumours of a relationship as they were seen kissing at an X Factor party.
Soon after, Harry wrote on Twitter: “Sometimes things happen and you suddenly get a whole new outlook on life.”
One Direction finished third on last year’s seventh series of The X Factor and later signed a record contract with Syco Music. Their debut single What Makes You Beautiful stormed to No1.
Harry has made no secret of having a soft spot for London-born Caroline.
His bandmate Louis Tomlinson, said last week: “Harry’s found the one now.” But he refused to say who the woman was.
Harry and Caroline — who was at the London premiere of the latest Twilight film last night — faced stick last Sunday when One Direction appeared on the Xtra Factor.
After taking a ribbing from his band and Olly Murs, teen heart-throb Harry was asked which of the current contestants on the series he fancied.

TOWIE : Tonnes Of Wankers In Essex?

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TOWIE: Tonnes Of Wankers In Essex?

So Who actually watches The Only Way is Essex ? I can honestly say it’s a show which I am NOT addicted to. I watch some proper trash (Big Brother, X Factor, I’m a Celebrity, Glee) but I am not  a TOWIE addict.
Obviously living in Essex, its pretty easy to be connected to a member of the TOWIE cast in a Six Degree’s of Seperation way. I Know  people who know people who get fake tan’s and shop for a Reality Soap Opera show.

I won’t automatically slate a show which I really haven’t seen enough of to judge, but I do get the feeling I have seen more purely by the amount people discuss via facebook, twitter and even in the media. It’s a show that seem’s to annoy and anger  more people that actually watched it. It seem’s the trend nowadays for people to judge and slate shows without watching them because they believe it to be some kind of defamation of their own character if they are seen to approve a show about local people living a Soap Opera style life.

With viewing figures of over 1million an episode, it’s fair to say it has an audience. With People slagging it off and the people that watch it only seem’s to create serious buzz toward’s it ( Example: Joey Barton’s Twitter Rant ) and keep the show on the public’s radar.

I have watched a few episode’s and to be truthfully honest, it’s not that bad, for what it is, and That’s a semi scripted-semi Reality docu/soap about a small group of people in a small part of Essex. It’s cheesey, sparkly and surprisingly funny ( Especially Kirk’s Blunt way of telling people his thoughts )

The Show is also a BAFTA award winning show which is either a sign of how Television has changed and is going to be for year’s to come OR It show’s how clever and tongue in cheek the creators are by mixing it up and putting something out there to create buzz Good or Bad.

So The Only Way is Essex is the marmite television of the 10’s? ( Tenzies?)  New Decade! and it is always going to cause debate. Who is the wanker? The Perma Tanned guys and girls earning money just by living a life others watch on regular soap’s all the time? or is it the Moaners at home who refuse to watch a show on principle alone only to create a buzz about it by bad mouthing it?

Who Knows? I say if you don’t like something, say so then move on because believe it or not……..

It’s Here to Stay!

The Only Way Is Essex has reportedly been recommissioned for four more series.

ITV ­bosses are said to have ordered 40 new episodes of the ITV2 reality show after 1.4m viewers tuned into the season three finale on Wednesday.

The plan is to air four ten-episode series in 2012 – beginning in January and followed by series in mid April, at the end of August and early October.

A source told The People: “TOWIE has been a huge success and producers are ­confident it can carry on doing well. Committing to four series for 2012 is a big deal and it will feel to the viewing public like it is pretty much always on.”

TOWIE Season 3 Cast

Mark Wright quit The Only Way Is Essex last month to star in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, making his final appearance on the show on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Sam Faiers and Lauren Goodger are rumoured to be considering leaving the show after both being offered deals to appear in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother.
James ‘Arg’ Argent has also revealed that he could quit The Only Way Is Essex, as has Harry Derbidge.

However, the source added: “ITV bosses are in no doubt TOWIE will continue to be a hit even without some of the higher profile members of the cast.”

I’m a Celebrity……..because I have more than 100 Twitter followers

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I’m a Celebrity……..because I have more than 100 Twitter followers

So I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here is back! and the Line Up has been revealed! So Who do you think will pop up in the Jungle? Angelina Jolie?
Brad Pitt?
Robbie Williams?
Megan Fox?

Well The answer is NO!

Like Usual its the same old Z list celebs and celeb wannabes, But surely we all know that by now. The show is designed for the people pushing to publicise their profile and  make THAT comeback!

It seems that anybody is a Celebrity today! All you need is more than 100 Twitter followers and you’re considered well known!

The key to the I’m a celeb is always Ant ‘n dec anyway who bring the laughs to the show which everyone knows is chessy and tongue in cheek.

Im going to love the show! and I’m backing Anthony Cotton to win! with possibly Dougie from McFly right behind him……Not like That!

Jungle bound... Freddie Starr and Lorraine Chase


THE 11th series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here launches on Sunday night.

The starting line-up of celebrities has provoked mass debate amongst The country.

The female contingent includes three leading ladies – formerEmmerdale actress Lorraine Chase (60), Benidorm star Chrissy Rock (53) and Stefanie Powers (69) of Hart to Hartfame. The Real Hustle’s Jessica Jane Clement (26) andOlympic Javelin medalist Fatima Whitbread (50) are also set for the ITV show.


Ladies all set for launch... Fatima Whitbread, Chrissy Rock, Stefanie Powers and Jessica Jane Clement

Ladies all set for launch… Fatima Whitbread, Chrissy Rock, Stefanie Powers and Jessica Jane Clement


The bush blokes heading into the jungle include comedian Freddie Starr (68), Jockey Willie Carson (68) and Corrieactor Antony Cotton (36). McFly bassiest Dougie Poynter (23) and TOWIE lothario Mark Wright (24) complete the line-up.


Lads amongst the leaves...Antony Cotton, Willie Carson, Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright

Lads amongst the leaves… Antony Cotton, Willie Carson, Dougie Poynter and Mark Wright


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