Ask An American Podcast Episodes

ASK AN AMERICAN is The Global Crossover Podcast! The ODDcast PODcast sends over British Themed Questions to Some Other POD GODS from The U – S of A! 

Season One was a Great Success But Season Two is coming back with a Bang! Featuring Regulars BUI Podcast and ODDcast PODcast UK and NEW Pod Gods 7 Days a Geek!

SEASON TWO: BUI Podcast / Seven Days a Geek and  ODDcast PODcast UK


SEASON ONE: BUI Podcast / The Last Podcaster Standing and ODDcast PODcast UK with ASCAST Podcast

 Season 1 of Ask an American is a Spin Off Podcast from ODDcast PODcast featuring The Last Podcaster Standing and BUI Podcasters (Blogging Under The Influence)

Click on The Links to access the streaming page

Episode 23 – And We are Out

Episode 22 – SmurfsSperm

Episode 21 –  It’s a Hack Job

Episode 20 – Furry Helmet, Where’s My Merkin?

Episode 19 – The Duchess of Clunge

Episode 18 – Two Girls, One Cup………..Of Tea

Episode 17 – Pig Herpes will Self Destruct

Episode 16 – Your accent makes me want to shoot myself

Episode 15 – Hilda SlagHammer

Episode 14 – Victoria Beckham has TWO Vagina’s

Episode 13 –  Drink her Bath Water!

Episode 12 – Have We Got Any Nerd’s in The House?

Episode 11 (New Year Edition) – Have a Butchers? Ain’t got a Scooby!

Episode 10 (Xmas Special) – Cameltoe and Wine

Episode 9 – Do Kid’s even know who John Lennon is?

Episode 8 – Husky Runway Model

Episode 7 – Denmark D**kheads

Episode 6 –  Dannii Minogue the Cunninglingus Specialist

Episode 5 – The Double Decker Bus Commissioner

Episode 4 – Jodie Marsh Dissected a Clunge

Episode 3 – Danika Minogue is an Interest or Friend of Adam

Episode 2 – What The Fuck Do The Royal Family Do?

Episode 1 – She’s Got Nice Boobies

Episode 0 – The Complilation Episode
This is the Intro Episode created from the segments from Episode’s  12, 13 and 14 of The ODDcast PODcast. This Episode features The original American’s ASCAST podcast ( Who are now TV and MOVIE nerds ).

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