ODDcast PODcast Ep.70 – Catheter Woman is OUT NOW!

Episode Seventy – Catheter Woman





In This Episode of The ODDcast PODcast UK, The Movie-Centric Podcast NOBODY is Listening to, #NOTlistening, Adam (@BarkerPodcasts), Ash and Will (@BadgerProdder) are joined by fellow Barker PODcaster and @MOVIEcomm Co-Host Marcus (@MHWebwizard). The Awesome Foursome sit down to discuss Total Recall Randomness, Adam comes out as a Twi-Hard, Keira Knightley is StarWatched, Will Get’s annoyed by her tiny arms, Rita Ramnani (@RitaRamnani) get’s angry with Will, Bird’s attack a small town and Finally The Blues Brother is Will’s Go Back and Watch this.



Direct Download – Episode 70



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About ODDcast Host Adam

Amateur Film Maker, Podcaster, Writer. Open minded soul, Self confessed Movie Geek and weirdo!

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