End of 2011! – The Year of Podcasts!

So it’s been a Very Good year for The ODDcast Network of Podcasts. What started off as a simple Podcast with 2 guys has blossomed in to……well 2 podcasts with 2 guys in.

Things have improved and evolved so much in the last 11 months. Back in February 2011 Me (Adam) and Billy started up the What Does Billy Know? podcast The Podcast that delved into the brain of Billy, which can still be listened and downloaded at The Retro Podcasts section, and that lasted for about 25 Episodes. The Poor sound quality never gets in the way of Raw Laughter and Randomness.

Then towards the end of the What Does Billy Know? run we ventured into the short lived, but very good, MovieBong Podcast. The Movie centric podcast that covered Movies from 127 Hours to Kick Ass to Robot Monster. Only 4 Episodes made the cut from that series as we wanted to merge both Podcasts into ONE main Podcast.

The ODDcast PODcast was then Born!

Back in the Summer of 2011 Me and Billy began with a The Movie, TV, Games, Comic and All round Random Podcast that covered everything from Jedward, The Human Centipede, Kaaantish Celebrities and Batman! Billy managed 20 Episode’s until certain forces prevented him to continue. Billy was last seen Fighting the Rebels with his Lightsaber behind a now defunct Starbucks! A Big Loss was Felt But  then Will  jumped in and stepped in to the vacant Co-Hosts shoes with a different spin.

The ODDcast gained some following throughout it’s run and eventually got us in touch with The ASCAST podcast (Now TvandMovienerds) and we began to incorporate a segment called Ask an American. After a Few segments within the ODDcast POdcast we decided the segment deserved it’s own Podcast. This gave it the option to get Other Podcasts on board, and after ASCAST had to stop, we roped in BUI Podcasters and The Last Podcaster Standing. And so far 11 Episodes in 2012 looks great for that Podcast.


So Thank you to all Listeners and contributors of The ODDcast Universe. Stay with us moving into 2012 and exepct lots of Changes and Goodness to keep your ears entertained!



Happy New Year 🙂 See you in 2012

Heres a Lovely Picture of Dannii Minogue just to keep you Happy until The New Year!

About ODDcast Host Adam

Amateur Film Maker, Podcaster, Writer. Open minded soul, Self confessed Movie Geek and weirdo!

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  1. Nice origin. Ill be putting podcast articles and links on the pickle. If i can use some of your text that would be great.

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