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Happy New Year! Have an ODDtastic One!

So 2011 is drawing to a close! It’s been a Great year for the ODDcast Network and 2012 looks like it’s going to be Huge for the Network. Also Opening up to The community to get involved and see if we can all work together to make The ODDcast network Bigger than Katie Price’s little black book.

New Microphone! New Co-Host! More Guests! Same Old ODDness

So Hope Everybody has a Great New Year and Here are a Few Podcast’s to help you tomorrow when your Hungover!

ODDcast PODcast Episode 23 – Conrad Murray in the Hallway with the Candlestick!

The End of The Year Podcast that Reviews the Main stories of the Last year and also introduces Will as The NEW Official Co-Host of The ODDcast PODcast.

Ask an American Episode 11 – Have a Butchers? Ain’t got a Scooby!

This the End of The Year episode of Spin Off Global podcast Ask an American. In this Episode American’s finally grasp the concept of Cockney Rhyming slang, or do they?, What is Big Ben? and What Brit has Fucked an American.


ODDcast is NOW Interactive!

So with 2012 just around the corner The ODDcast Network is Expanding in a more Interactive way. A New Part of The Network will be to start Promoting and sharing various people’s work. This can include anything from:

– Podcasts

– You Tube Channels (Movies, Vlog’s, Music Video’s)

– Blog’s

– Twitter Accounts

– Websites

and much much more.

This is a Chance to bring together a community that can benefit from seeing each others work. We all know how hard it is to get your work out there without becoming a serial spammer on Twitter and getting blocked by your closest friends on facebook. So This way spend us your Links and Info about yourself to


or send an e mail to:

Lets work together people and help create an audience for your work.

ODDcast PODcast Episode 23 is Live! – End of the Year Special

Episode Twenty Three – Conrad Murray in The Hallway with The Candlestick

In This End of The Year Podcast Adam and (Now Official Co Host) Will have a quick run through random events of 2011. They discuss fellow celeb’s that have sadly departed, or in some cases no so sadly, How Conrad Murray got put away for 4 years, A New Celebrity Cluedo game, Will’s Life Story, Being The Cheers of Podcasts, Getting Dannii Minogue’s Autograph, Top Grossing Sequels of The Year, Why Jesus was lied to, Where the F**k did Billy go?, The Future of The ODDcast PODcast is thought about and Essex Based band The Filthy Habit’s get some Podcast Air Time.

Click Here for the Episode (RIGHT click and Save As to download)

End of 2011! – The Year of Podcasts!

So it’s been a Very Good year for The ODDcast Network of Podcasts. What started off as a simple Podcast with 2 guys has blossomed in to……well 2 podcasts with 2 guys in.

Things have improved and evolved so much in the last 11 months. Back in February 2011 Me (Adam) and Billy started up the What Does Billy Know? podcast The Podcast that delved into the brain of Billy, which can still be listened and downloaded at The Retro Podcasts section, and that lasted for about 25 Episodes. The Poor sound quality never gets in the way of Raw Laughter and Randomness.

Then towards the end of the What Does Billy Know? run we ventured into the short lived, but very good, MovieBong Podcast. The Movie centric podcast that covered Movies from 127 Hours to Kick Ass to Robot Monster. Only 4 Episodes made the cut from that series as we wanted to merge both Podcasts into ONE main Podcast.

The ODDcast PODcast was then Born!

Back in the Summer of 2011 Me and Billy began with a The Movie, TV, Games, Comic and All round Random Podcast that covered everything from Jedward, The Human Centipede, Kaaantish Celebrities and Batman! Billy managed 20 Episode’s until certain forces prevented him to continue. Billy was last seen Fighting the Rebels with his Lightsaber behind a now defunct Starbucks! A Big Loss was Felt But  then Will  jumped in and stepped in to the vacant Co-Hosts shoes with a different spin.

The ODDcast gained some following throughout it’s run and eventually got us in touch with The ASCAST podcast (Now TvandMovienerds) and we began to incorporate a segment called Ask an American. After a Few segments within the ODDcast POdcast we decided the segment deserved it’s own Podcast. This gave it the option to get Other Podcasts on board, and after ASCAST had to stop, we roped in BUI Podcasters and The Last Podcaster Standing. And so far 11 Episodes in 2012 looks great for that Podcast.


So Thank you to all Listeners and contributors of The ODDcast Universe. Stay with us moving into 2012 and exepct lots of Changes and Goodness to keep your ears entertained!



Happy New Year 🙂 See you in 2012

Heres a Lovely Picture of Dannii Minogue just to keep you Happy until The New Year!

Katy Perry goes Johnny Cash?

Just came across The Latest Katy Perry Video for One That Got Away and was very impressed.

First Off its a great Pop song! But The video is well made, well shot, well structured and pretty dark and depressing really. It has a real Johnny Cash feel right at the end with a musical interlude to end out on. A Great Video!

She also reminds me of an Old Lea Thompson in the Old make Up, from Back To The Future

Check out Episode 11 of Ask an American for some Katy Perry chat too.

Ask an American Episode 11 is Live! – Last of 2011

Episode Eleven – Have a Butchers? We ain’t got a Scooby!

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!

This is the Final Ask an American Podcast of 2011. So its a New Year special!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– Breakfast Television

– Big Ben

– F**king an American

– Cockney Rhyming Slang

– The Zombie Apocalypse

Ask an American Episode 10 Xmas Special is Live!

Episode Ten – Cameltoe and Wine (The Xmas Special)

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!

This is a Special Xmas edition with lots of Xmas cheer, singing and crazy ramblings.

This Episode they must cover subjects from
– The Only Way is Essex Xmas cover
– The Queen’s Ten Minutes of Fame
– UK Xmas Number One
– The Darkside of Xmas
– Singing a Xmas Song – Out of Tune

Ask an American Episode 9 is Live!

Episode Nine – Do Kid’s even know who John Lennon is?

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast pit the wits of TWO American Podcasts. The BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)  and The Last Podcaster Standing battle it out to see who knows more about British Pop Culture and all things British. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability. Let The Battle of the Podcast’s commence!

In this Podcast there’s a Twist that is staring both Podcasts in the Face, but they completely miss it!

This Episode they must cover subjects from

– The X Factor Creation

– 80’s Pop Star Sinitta

– Who is more Recognisable than Jesus?

– Celeb’s reading out Mobile Numbers on Live TV

– Being More British than The Queen

Click Here for Episode 9


ODDcast PODcast Episode 22 is Live!

Episode Twenty Two – Sandpaper and Penguins

In this Special Episode Adam and Will, filling in for Billy once again, introduce a very special Musical USeh?! challenge from The BUI Podcasters where they clamp some clunge.. Then You are treated to a special recorded radio show for During which they discuss all things Movies and more.
They Discuss The Human Centipede 2, sandpaper, penguins, New cinema releases, Beetlejuice gets a retrospective special, Three Comic actors star in a film about birds, ‘Orrid Henry looks quite good and more film related nonsense.
Click here to listen to the Episode (RIGHT click and Save As to download mp3 straight to PC)

Re-Making of a Pyscho : Huey Lewis will be Pissed!

ODDcast PODcast: Movie News

Re-Making of a Pyscho : Huey Lewis will be pissed


Back in 2000 a little known Welsh, former child star, Method Actor brought a literature cult classic character to life. That character was the ever complex and extremely violent Patrick Bateman and the actor was Christian Bale.
The movie that hit the headlines was an adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis’s cult classic novel American Pyscho. The story of an 80’s set Wall Street guy who dreams of sex, drugs and murder in his spare time. What we see is a deranged individuals fantasy and dreams of committing such sadistic acts to fuel his urges.


The film is open to interpretation. The acts of murder Patrick Bateman pulls off during the film are never made clear whether or not they are real or exaggerated in his deranged state of mind. The emphasis on the 80’s yuppie lifestyle being a major satirical theme of Guys greed, money and ability to get bored far to easily and becoming passive aggressive. The movies themes are something which divided audiences. Was it a Horror or a Black Comedy? People aren’t quite sure what to take from it.

Also starring Jared Leto and a young Reese Witherspoon the movie is made with class, tongue in cheek and a constant tone that never fully commits to giving the audience a chance up decide on its genre.
One remarkable scene is when Patrick Bateman murders to the theme of Huey Lewis and the News and even in a seperate scene doing the same to reciting the musical life of Philip Collins


There was a misjudged and misguided sequel to this great cult classic. It was a Mila Kunis starring Horror film that completely missed the point of the first film. Making Patrick Bateman a well known Ted Bundy serial killer that is murdered by the main character as a child.
The movie also stars William Shatner and is a poor cash in to the franchise that doesn’t need franchising.



So now only a mear 11 years after this classic came out, LionsGate Films are planning a Re-Make/Re-Imagining and setting it in modern day Wall Street New York.
This totally takes away a lot of the impact and hidden themes amongst the original.
How can you take something that’s set to a specific period and has strong connections to that era, and just re play the story? It’s a poor decision. Leave the original alone. It’s a film that needs to re visited NOT re made. Moving it to modern day would take out great Huey Lewis references. Who would he talk about during the modern day killings? Maroon 5? Hanson?

Christian Bale made this role his own.
considering his later off screen rants really showed an inner Bateman

Don’t re make something that deserves re visiting.


An Article from Time

LOS ANGELES ( – In what could be Occupy Wall Street’s first tangible success, Patrick Bateman will be back serially killing again.
Lionsgate is working on a remake of the 2000 film “American Psycho,” which was based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name, an individual with knowledge of the project confirmed to TheWrap.
No word on why they’re remaking a film that’s just 11 years old — presumably to poke more nasty fun at those villainous Wall Street traders.
Also no word on who will inherit the role of unhinged yuppie Bateman from Christian Bale. Lionsgate has, however, tapped Noble Jones — who served as a second unit director on 2010’s “The Social Network — to pen and direct the revamp.
The do-over will place Bateman in modern-day New York City — so, lamentably, he won’t be extolling the virtues of Huey Lewis and the News while he spreads carnage this time around. (Maybe he’ll be a Nickelback fan instead? Seems about right.)
The original film was directed by Mary Harron and, in addition to Bale as the titular serial killer, starred Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, Chloe Sevigny and Jared Leto.

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